Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

iPhone 5 will impossibly Have Dual-tone Back Design ( Rumor )

iPhone 5, much ahead of its release, has already become the most anticipated product on the planet. And the phone hasn’t been announced yet. Just like the speculations that are running around the release date for the product, there are many rumors surrounding the features that it is going to offer or the kind of looks it is going to possess.

Among the most noticeable features of the new Apple iPhone 5, will be the two-tone backing. While the phone is rumored to carry a lot of features varying from a larger screen to most advanced technology for mobile payments, it is also likely to feature a combination of metal and glass for its back cover.

While the latest models, the iPhone 4 and 4S , have a complete glass back the iPhone 3G had a complete plastic back. The plastic back of the 3G made it durable, but the look was cheap. Similarly, the iPhone 4S did look modern and sleek but it was more susceptible to breaking and cracking. Therefore, Apple is likely to incorporate some amount of metal this time along with glass for combining the capabilities of the 2 types.

The 2-tone aluminium and white plastic back will make it appear more industry like and it might not give a very clean finish compared to what the Apple fans prefer. Based on the rumors across the internet, the gray colored metal backing is making it appear as if a hacker rigged it together while going for a different kind of design. Also we will have to wait and see if the phone is released in various other colors besides the traditional two, which is surely to make the sales go much higher and maybe even out of stock.