Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

iPhone 5 Leaked Once Again? Now With A More Closer And Clean Look (Photo)

Like always rumors are on top about the new iPhone 5. Today a person on macrumors forums posted a picture of iPhone 5 which clearly visible.

The guy claims that he tool the picture the day before in the office of some french operator.

Picture taken yesterday in the office of a French operator.

Like previously iPhone 5 was said to be spotted in the hands of some Apple employee. Now news are claiming that the iPhone 5 will launched via China Telecom. The picture seems to be legit as far as the rumors are concerned about the shape of the iPhone 5, but we cannot say any thing on it because fake iPhone 5 was launched in China.

So this can be that fake iPhone 5 which was launched in China or can be the real one because iPhone 5 was given out to carriers for the testing purpose.

What do you people think about the picture above? Legit or not?