Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iPhone 5 Gets Its First Jailbreak & Cydia Installation

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

iPhone 5 Jailbreak – Undoubtedly, the iPhone Jailbreak community is really brilliant and fast in breaking the security of Apple over the iOS devices. Since the launch of iPad 3, there were words that iOS Jailbreak hackers has discovered some deep security loop holes in the iOS 6 and A5X processor that allows them to easily install the Cydia on the latest devices. As we know, the iPhone 5 is landed in the market, and now people are looking for the mods and tricks to enrich their experience on the new device. The additional access over the devices comes up with a Jailbreak. It looks like the iPhone 5 is already jailbroken by some of the iPhone jailbreak community.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

The famous iPhone hacker CHPWN has pushed some Twitter status updates claiming that he is already jailbroked the newly launched iPhone 5. He publishes the screenshot of iPhone 5 running the Cydia, and the home screen containing Cydia icon on iPhone 5. It is really shocking and great news for the iPhone Jailbreak lovers that they will quickly gets their hands on the iPhone 5 Jailbreak and iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak.


The iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak will comes after having work on the vulnerability chpwn discovered in the iOS 6 to land on the latest device. iOS 6 jailbreak is available since the launch of first iOS 6 beta, but it was only available for the A4 running devices with tethered jailbreak limit. However, the new iPhone 5 jailbreak is bit ready to makes it way in the public, and we believe it will soon come out as the developers feel the exploit is save to go in public.


There are no official words from the CHPWN over the launch of iPhone 5 jailbreak in the public, but we can say that it will come out really soon, as they all get together to discuss the iOS 6 vulnerabilities.