Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iPhone 5 Coming In Fall With LTE Radio, Micro-Dock Connector

After the launch of iPad 3 in the public, the Apple rumor mill is now pretty active regarding the upcoming this year next generation iPhone 5 release date, and its actual physical design changes. Most recently we got sources talking about the next-generation iPhone 5 to get the 4.6-inch display screen panel from the Apple, along with 4G LTE technology chipset finally with the complete overhaul physical design. However, the 4.6-inch display screen claim appears to be pretty laughable, as most of the tech geeks including the general readers believe that Apple will never do something foolish with its iconic device.


It is now reported by our friends over the iMore while citing with their sources over the confirmation of the earlier reports claiming the next iPhone to carry the 4.6-inch display screen. It is now reported by their sources that Apple will never release any bully iPhone design in the market, but maybe testing internally for the couple of other prospects. However, the sources of iMore believe that Apple is likely to deliver the next generation iPhone with similar design size, but not identical to the older generation iPhone model means, Apple will opt to re-design the iPhone while staying in the same size measurements, or unlikely will increase iPhone size to be 4-inch, but at least not more than the 4-inch display screen.

So to sum up, iPhone 5,1 is on track for:

– Similar if not same sized screen (currently 3.5-inch but not set in stone)
– 4G LTE radio
– New “micro dock” connector
– Fall/October 2012 release

The sources more clearly claim that the iPhone 5,1 will be carrying the 4G LTE radio chipset, along with the previously discussed micro-dock connector at the bottom of the device. It was discussed the couple of times in the past that Apple is working on the micro-dock connector for the iOS devices to bring more space on the iOS devices to be slim it down to maximum level.

Rene Ritchie over iMore confirms that his sources claim that the new-generation iPhone will be launch in the fall of this year, or in other words, will release in October 2012 like Apple released iPhone 4S last year in the October. If we go with his sources, then it means that there will be no announcement of the new-generation iPhone at WWDC 2012, which is also scheduled to be happening on June 11.