Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iPhone 4S Leads The Market With Its 8Mega Pixel Camera

When Tim Cook was on the stage telling about iPhone,iPod,MAC, and iPad, many people were in the hope that he will unveil iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was the highly expected phone this year but unluckily we got the same design iPhone 4S.

No need to worry about the design because this iPhone 4S got all the issues fixed with some major improvements made inside. iPhone 4S got A5 chip,Dual core processor which 2x times faster than CPU and so much. Out of these features, the most appealing feature is of Camera. Apple may not have changed the design but they updated the camera to 8 Mega Pixel which a huge update.

This not a minimal update like other smart hones. The resolution of the iPhone 4S picture is 3264*2448 which is more than a blu-ray movie and till now no other smart phone has got such a resolution and we cannot expect any one in near to beat this resolution.

The camera doesn’t only brings pretty good images, but also allow users to record HD 1080p videos from their iPhone 4S. Just imagine 1080p HD video recording direct from your iPhone 4S. Totally mind blowing.

A part from 1080p video recording Apple also introduced image stabilization. There’s video image stabilization, with temporal noise reduction.

This is truly amazing. The features are totally mind blowing. We were only limited to see 1080p on Blu-ray discs and Apple allowed us to see and record the movies on a Smart Phone. No one ever had thought of it.

In the end you must be wondering how much this awesome iDevice will cost? This iDeivce won’t cost a lot like other Devices. You can see the whole Price listing here.