Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

iPhone 4S Becomes No.2 Most Popular Camera Phone On Flickr

iPhone 4S has also reached the height in the most popular images sharing service website Flickr.com by following its older version of iPhone’s iPhone 4S has quickly become the second popular camera phone on the Flickr’s, you can also check out the shout out hype of iPhone 4S pictures on Flickr’s camera finder page that shows the popularity of the both smartphone cameras and Point & Shoot cameras.

The iPhone 4S has rapidly beaten out the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and HTC EVO 4G, within a month and becomes one of the hottest camera smartphone. The iPhone 4S has been still unable to beats the Apple’s original iPhone 4. Back in 2009, iPhone 4 made headlines around the globe when it became the most popular camera on the Flickr, even the iPhone 4 cameras beat out the all dedicated non-smartphone cameras.

It’s a month or more ago, Apple has releases the iPhone 4S so it’s obvious that the new smartphone has a lot of time to dethrone the original iPhone 4 camera, and to reach the first place in the graph over Flickr.com .Apple has done a lot of work on the iPhone 4S camera, and introduced a number of improvements to its smartphone camera. Many publishers around the web have managed to get hands on all the devices and compared the camera result with all other devices. iPhone 4S camera beats the all other cameras in the competition and shows the clearer and cool picture result.