Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Now You Can Get iPad In McDonald’s Parking Lots Like This Woman Got One (Photo)

We all know that iPads are the best thing made ever by Apple and every one wants to get their hands on to it. But to buy them from a parking lot is a bad idea. Why this is a bad idea? Ask this poor girl.

South Carolina,22-year-old Ashley McDowell who was reached by two dudes in McDonald’s Parking Lot selling iPad for $300. That is really cheap. You will also agree with me. After hearing the price she emptied his pocket out and found out that she only had $180 to give. So the strangers agreed to give away the iPad to her for the half of the price.

After the sales took place, both went happily. When the poor girl went home and found out that iPad was a piece of wood painted black and the box was containing the stone to weigh it like it got something in the box. Below are the pictures of the evidence she posted.

Above is the fake copy of iPad which is sold for $300 and if you bargain they will give you for $180 and even less. It is in FEDEX  box. The price must be seeming to be reasonable, but you don’t get  every thing real in reasonable price every time.

We also bewared you people that the iPads sold in Parking Lots are fake and don’t buy them. So if you see any one selling iPad in a car and specially in a Parking Lot, so call your local police station asap to help other peoples stay safe and to stop this scamming.

via (gizmodo)