Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iPad’s Going To Get It, The Facebook Application On September 22

Facebook app to and on September 22nd

Facebook is going to hold its developers conference on September 22 and now it’s expected to see the application for the iPad on that day and this has been claimed by the WSJ.

The F8 should get the Facebook app

The developers and hackers already have identified and used the application but wasn’t the official release and also at cydia the developer has released a way to use Facebook on the iPad.

What do you guy’s expect about the Facebook app ?


This application is being awaited dince the day iPad 1 is released but don’t know why or due to some conflicts it hasn’t been released.

The Facebook application for iPhone is available from the start. They also have released a new application named Facebook Messenger it’s a new way to chat and message and both are integrated the message and the chatting experience. It hasn’t been released worldwide yet and for sure is expected to be released. It’s currently available at the App Store of US for free and has been updated 2 times. It’s just a wonderful experience using the Facebook Messenger and is recommended to everyone to get it.

Even if the Facebook application for the iPad doesn’t release we are happy because both the iPad’s have a wide screen and using the web Fb is really a better experience and even if you are interested in the App as mentioned before can be done by the two alternate methods to use the Facebook on the iPad.

via (iDB)