Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

iPad Trademark Dispute Could Seek Proper Ban On iPad Business

A recently reported ongoing dispute between the Apple and Proview Technology on the “iPad” trademark right case turned into a big pain for the Apple. As the local court in China sided with Proview Technology and disrespects the agreement between Proview Technology and Apple on the trademark rights of “iPad” moniker. Apple has purchased the “iPad” rights globally from the Proview Technology years ago through some front face company, including all the world regions, but last year it appears after the huge popularity of iPad. The Proview Technology thinks to generate some quick money from Apple, and sued the Apple on the use of their “iPad” trademark in China.

According to Proview Technology, Apple has no rights on “iPad” in China and therefore they want damages fine from Apple on the use of “iPad”. Proview Technology sued Apple 1.8bn as their reputation damage in the market, and in this case local court sided with Proview Technology. While the lawyers of Apple commented on the issue that Apple had purchased these rights many years back, and the Proview Technology is disrespecting their contract.

Apple is already in big trouble as the court sided with Proview Technology, and more into it. It appears that Proview Technology becomes evil and starts imposing ban on the import and export of the iPad devices through the whole China. As we all know, the main and biggest supplier plant of the iPad, production is lies in China, and if Proview Technology ever ruled the decision in their side they could easily shut down the whole iPad business unless, if Apple rapidly moves the complete production to Brazil’s plant.

In the current situation, Apple has only few options to solve the current issue and now we are actually waiting for the Apple’s move on this issue. As Apple has an only option to wait for the final decisions or to settle the issue out of the court by bidding new value to Proview Technology on iPad moniker.