Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

iPad 3 Price List Is Leaked, Revealed The Mysterious Arrival Of 64GB iPad 3

Hot on the heals the another mystery is just resolved regarding the Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPad device ahead of the forthcoming week media event launch of the iPad 3 or iPad HD in the public. Most recently we have come across to know that one of the most reliable sources of the 9to5mac has almost leaked the iPad 3 price lists from the unpublished image or page of Apple’s website that may in future going to carry the price & status of the iPad 3 availability in the town. The Mr.X of 9to5mac has just leaked the pricing list of the upcoming iPad 3 device, and slashes down the last week rumor of an unexpected rise in the coming device price.

Last week, there was a rumor came from the Chinese micro-blogging website called Sina Weibo, where the user posted an unverified image of the internal document that suggests the new spike in price of iPad 3 than other iPad devices. The earlier rumor suggested the spike of $70-$80 in the iPad 3 price, but now with the report of 9to5mac’s most reliable person, the mystery is resolved, and we are back on track with the iPad 3 prices exactly similar to the iPad 2.

However, the pricing list also reveals that there also will be a 64GB iPad 3, as the earliest this week rumor suggested that Apple is about to discontinue the production of 64GB iPad 3 devices ahead of Retina Display carrying device launch. The earlier report of 64GB model discontinuation also came from the reputed source of the industry, DigiTimes. The folks over the publication also claimed last week that Apple is planning to launch the 8GB model of iPad 2, on the launch of iPad 3. However, we believe that Apple will surely release the 8Gb model of the iPad 2, because they have selected this strategy in back, and already earned a lot of bucks from it on the launch of iPhone 4 with 8GB iPhone 3GS model.