Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw Makes iOS 5.1 Release Imminent (Video)

If you are a real lover of Apple’s iPad 2, then you must be having the Smart Cover which Apple introduced for iPad 2 with the launch. The smart cover is no doubt smart and cool, but when the smartness gets over whelmed the riskiness gets increased.

When Apple released iPad 2, it was on iOS 4.3 and later on they pushed out updates to encounter many bugs and security fixes. One thing they forgot or never came to know in their Smart Cover and iOS. If you are an iPad 2 owner, got a Smart Cover, and got a pass code on your iPad 2, thinking that you are safe, So you are totally wrong.

Now you must be thinking to update to iOS 5, if you haven’t already? No need to do this step because you will still not be safe on iOS 5. The Security Flaw was found in iOS 4.3 and is now said to be available in iOS 5 also. Where as iOS 5 is said to be the most advanced iOS till now. The iOS of future.

This Security Flaw was founded by Mark Gurman of 9to5mac. They shown the demo of the Security Flaw in iPad 2. See the video and you will know about the Flaw.


What the flaw allows:

As you can see in our video above, a Smart Cover can essentially unlock an iPad 2. The person who unlocks your iPad 2 will not have complete access to your iPad, but will be able to gain entrance to whatever you locked your iPad 2 on. If your iPad 2 went to sleep in Mail, Safari, Messages, Contacts, or Maps, you can imagine the sorts of personal information that can be viewed on your iPad. If you left your iPad 2 on its Home screen, the person can view which applications you have on your device, control media from the multitasking bar, but not much else.

How to re-create it:

1) Lock a password protected iPad 2

2) Hold down power button until iPad 2 reaches turn off slider

3) Close Smart Cover

4) Open Smart Cover

5) Click cancel on the bottom of the screen

The method is as easy as ABC. The Temporary solution to fix this bug is also as follows:

To stay safe from this bug, simply go into Settings<General and disable the Auto Lock/Unlock feature of Smart Cover and you will on the safe side.

This is no doubt a big issue and must be fixed by Apple Sooner. As for now we got iOS 5.0 with us, Later on we can expect a new release of iOS 5.1 to fix this issue and some other bugs in iOS 5.