Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

iOS Loop Hole Allow Developers To Access Pictures & Videos Of Your Device

Since the iOS 5.0.1 is launched in the public, we have seen many different kind of security bugs in the newer iOS, and Apple is actively working to fix the security holes with an long expected iOS 5.1 launch. In the start of this month, we came to know that Apple’s iOS application developers have full access to the device contacts, and notes application, and they can easily copy the data from the device without letting you know about the process. The real issue rises with the accidental discovery of Path the famous iOS app is uploading users mobile contacts to their servers in-orders to provide an efficient service to the users.

ios security hole
In addition to these security bugs on the iOS 5.0.1 it was also reported by the sharp developers out there that the new iOS 5.0.1 also gives the full access to the developer, and a developer of any iOS app can easily collect the all type of information from your device without even informing the user about such spying. Today, the NYTimes publishes the same report claiming that iOS developer can assess images and videos of our devices with a little security hole in the iOS system that lets developers to access our library.

According to NYTimes report, the security problem in the iOS 5.0.1 also lets the developer to access your device’s any kind of information without even informing you, like accessing your videos, images, music, location data captured from the images and videos. Initially, the iOS Developer program was only highlighted that it provide developers access to the users private information and in addition to the low-scale report, the senator also asked Apple to clarify their Apple Developer Program terms, and especially the terms on which Apple allow developers to access the device document without informing the user.