Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

iOS 6 Public Version Released With More Than 200 New Features (Download Now)

Download iOS 6

Apple Released The iOS 6 For Public – The latest Apple mobile software for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the iOS 6 has been unveiled and released to the public now. The final version is available for download for the general masses.  The iOS users will surely love the new version as it is packed with many new features and benefits.

Download iOS 6

The customers were very keen to know what’s in store for the iOS 6 users but were only getting the rumored features and expected things. The beta version was released in August but now the final version is all yours.

Safari application

The iOS 6 is featured with the latest Safari app. There are even many improvements this time, the Instapaper style offline read option, photo sharing site integration and iCloud tab sync. The Smart App Banners lets the sites to tell the users about iOS app with ease, which is simply amazing.

The Passbook

It is the latest e-ticket app by Apple that enables the users to carry the electronic tickets for almost anything and everything. You name it and its there. From plane travel to sports events, you can have electronic tickets in no time. There is even the tickets update feature that lets you get a notification as your departure gate is declared or changed.

VIPs as well as Pull to Refresh

The pull to refresh is all here and you can even make the list of VIPs. This way, the messages of the VIPs will appear on the lock screen of the device and that too in a separate, dedicated mailbox. Sharing videos and pictures from within the Mail is here as well and even the per account signatures.

Phone app

The Phone app provides easy and smart reminders. This way, you can easily reject the call with a single message saying that you are on your way or busy or anything else. You can further be reminded to call back to someone when you leave the present location.

Do Not Disturb

The latest mode of Do Not Disturb is nifty and that too when the new message is there, it is received in a silent way and without the display getting lighted up. In case you want, you can even tell the iPhone that you do not want silent calls from the favorite callers. More so, you can tell the device to silent the repeat calls in an automatic way.

There are various other features and functions to enjoy with the latest iOS 6 as well. The iOS 6 is supported by 2nd and 3rd gen iPads, 4th generation iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS. So, go ahead and download the iOS 6 final version now.

Download iOS 6:

You can download your iOS 6 IPSW firmware from one of the links below (will be uploaded shortly):