Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Infinite Walls: Download More than 100 Million Wallpapers, Automatically Resize them to your device Resolution

Infinite Walls is a new app available for you, which allows you to search and download wallpapers not only thousand it allows you to download and search more than 100 million wallpapers. You just need to search and download the wallpaper, Infinite Walls will do everything by itself, you can also download those wallpapers which were made for PC, it will automatically resize it your device resolution.


  • Always find the background you want, guaranteed!
  • Download and automatically resizes probe
  • Save the wallpaper or share them via email, Facebook, Twitter!
  • With the unique “My Walls” Collect your favorite wallpapers, and Get it back even if you’re not connected to the Internet!
  • The unique “Custom Resize” allows you to crop the backgrounds to your liking in 3 seconds!
  • With 350 research suggested, there are over 22,400 wallpapers ready for download.
  • Universal App Infinite walls works on any iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Download Infinit Walls for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

With Infinite Walls you will never need again to search the internet for wallpapers, resize them, or to buy additional wallpapers apps for your Apple device. Using the most powerful image search engine, Infinite Walls will find, download and resize them to fit your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen. Infinite Walls app is not a simple search engine. It uses an incredibly smart algorithm to find the right images among the worldwide web, selecting the best wallpapers that suit your search. You can download  Infinite Walls from the App Store For your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the application is completely free