Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Indonesian Government: BBM And BIS To Get Shutdown In Indonesia

The Indonesian Government is looking forward to shut down BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Internet Services in the country. The reason is said to be the change in plans by RIM (Research In Motion) to install the BlackBerry servers in Singapore, rather than installing them in Indonesia.

A member of the Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority BRTI told The Jakarta Post regarding the government threat that:

“Because RIM has not been cooperative, it is possible that we will soon end BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) and BBM service,”

RIM told Indonesian government that it would install a “server” or “a data center” in Indonesia. This was one of the four promises made by RIM with the government of Indonesia. The completion of “server” or “a data center” was said to be completed by 31st December 2011, The Jakarta Post Explained. RIM and Indonesian government had an agreement in September regarding the Server installation. The place for the server was not yet decided. The government wanted to make Indonesia as a priority because it is another  home for Rim’s Device, BlackBerry. Indonesia is one of the biggest country in Southeast Asia where we can find numerous people carrying BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is the part of Indonesian peoples daily life and they use BlackBerry to their all the business dealings. In another words, we can say that BlackBerry is used by people of Indonesia to run their Businesses and access their community. Due to this the government needs to keep an eye on its users and wants to make sure that the data, information, and every detail exchanged between the people are secure and in safe hands. Currently all the data exchanged by BlackBerry BIS and BBM is processed in Canada, the home of RIM.

Regarding the issue of data safety and exchange, Heru Sutadi of BRTI said:

“With the condition as it is now, we warn that the country’s users to be cautious about using BlackBerry because the data exchanged is not safe or cannot be guaranteed of its safety”

No doubt that safety for its users is the first step taken by every government of their own respected country. We think that the Indonesian government has taken a great step towards the safety of its people. This is a real threat to RIM because if RIM doesn’t takes any action on time, So it would loose more than Million of customers.