Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iFile Will Be Adding Up More Features, Developer Says On Great Fest

The first ever jailbreak conference took place today in London and it was almost a good thorough experience all over. All over the developers of all the best Cydia tweaks came up on to the stage and one of them was the developer of iFile.

iFile is basically to root your OS files same as the Nokia gives from day one as it is open source. iFile for iOS has been developing rapidly as in the last month we saw an update for adding the feature of Drop Box. Today the developer of iFile came up on to the stage of My Great Fest and announced some of the new features which he will be adding in to the upcoming iFile

  • FTP Client
  • WebDAV Client
  • ID3 Tag Editor
  • Hex Editor
At the Great Fest he also announced that if any one at Great Fest is using the cracked iFile, he will be issued with a free license. All over there are 380 devices which are running the cracked iFile, awful.