Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

How To Write a Tweet From Siri On iPhone 4S

Right after the launch of iPhone 4S we are only hearing about Siri everywhere, the whole world is amazed by its work and developer/hackers are trying their best to modify it and to port it to other old generation iOS devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Siri has win the hearts of the customers despite of few.

A really small number of people get disappointed from the iPhone 4S  Siri because of the non perfect chat with iPhone 4S Siri, or by not getting accurate answers from the Siri. As Siri is in beta and requires a lot of work to improve its work and misses a lot of functions. Initially the Siri is only limited to the U.S, and does not support any other location based services because of the Wolfarm and Yelp.

As Apple has announced back in the “Let’s Talk iPhone”  iOS 5 to be supports deep integration of twitter, which could allow users to tweet from anywhere with in iOS 5 and allows you to share pictures and videos to their followers easily. As Siri announced on iPhone 4S many developers and users are missing and saying on twitter that Apple to also integrate Siri with Twitter on iOS 5 and iPhone 4S.  In the other words they are seeking for such command in Siri which allows them to write a tweet from Siri.


Well at this time there is no tweak and way available to modify or add any custom command into Siri on iPhone 4S, but no worry thanks to the intelligent folks over twitter has just tweeted a way, which could fullish their wish.


How To Write a Tweet From Siri On iPhone 4S:

Step 1: Open Contact Book, and save a new contact number “40404” with name of Twitter

Step 2: Now Open Siri and say her to “Write a message to twitter”, than complete your tweet and send the message to the number.