Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

How to Install Cydia on iOS 6 Beta 1

Thanks to the iPhone Dev Team, you can now easily jailbreak the new iOS 6 Beta 1 firmware. However, it being a new generation firmware, a lot of things have been broken on it which includes Cydia. Using Redsn0w one can jailbreak the iOS 6 Beta 1, but he will be getting only the SSH and the afc2 support. But there is one important advantage that you get and that is, you can root access or the access to the file system of your device. However, in a recent update @WyndWarrior has provided for instructions that can be used for the installation of the recompiled version of the Cydia on your iPhones and iPad and iPods running on the iOS 6 Beta.

A few important things that you need to know before you begin the installation:

Supported hardware:  iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad2 and iPad 3.

Requirements: You need to be on Wi-fi and have SSH Tools like Coda or PuTTy.

In the following simple steps, we tell you how to install Cydia iOS 6 Beta 1

Step 1: While running the iOS 6 Beta 1 firmware, the first thing you need to do is to jailbreak your iDevice. Use RedSn0w 0.9.13dev1 for jail breaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The tool can be freely downloaded from the web.

Step 2: Now you need an SSH client for your Mac OS X or Windows computer and connect that to your device. A few examples of the SSH client that can be used are Coda for Mac OS X and Putty for Windows. A SSH client that is cross compatible and runs on both Mac Devices and Windows OS is Cyberduck.

SSH username to be used – “root”

SSH password to be used – “alpine”

Server will be the IP address of your device, which can be located by going to Settings- Wi-Fi- Connected Network name- IP Address.

Step 3: After connecting your device with the help of the SSH client, copy and paste the following through SSH command line.

get -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/cyinstall.

Step 4:

Once the above command is carried out, the installation of Cydia should begin on your device and the Cydia icon should appear on the SpringBoard or the Home screen. If due to some reason that doesn’t happen, one needs to reboot and get it boot tethered using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev1.

Step 5: Now tap the Cydia icon appearing on the springboard and wait until it finishes preparing the file system. That’s it then; you have successfully installed Cydia on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 6 Beta 1 firmware.

Once the installation is completed, you can begin installing tweaks and apps via Cydia but you need to be aware that the mileage and compatibility of apps may vary as most tweaks and apps haven’t been updated on iOS 6 as yet.