Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

How-To: Enable “Automatic Downloads” Feature In iTunes 10.3.1

While during the WWDC keynote on Monday,  Apple introduced several new features and services and all of them comes up with amazing experience on of them is “Automatic Download” with this feature, user only have to download the App, Song, Book at once, than automatically the downloaded file will be start on other connected device. Mean the downloaded file pushed to other iOS device, and with this feature even user not have to connect his/her device with iTunes for sync. As a the release of new iTunes 10.3, from its release note we noticed that its too support the Automtaic Download feature, and many folks don’t know how to enable the feature so we just simply compile the some steps:



First of all you need to do is, launch iTunes 10.3 on your Mac / PC and then go to the iTunes Preferences, Once the window open, navigate to the Store tab and then check the box “Music, Apps, and Books” for automatic download. That’s it, your iTunes is set up for automatic download to test, just download a free app or book on your iPhone and check your iTunes is it downloaded or not!