Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Mountain Lion HiDPI Retina Images Already Enabled In OS X Lion

As the Apple has started the Retina-Display feature in its iOS devices, the developers out there with access over new beta software programs reported that Apple is now looking forward to port down the Retina Display into the MacBook Series, and on this claim the developers suggested some of their findings of the HiDPI Retina Images in the latest released developer previews of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The developers have noticed the couple of art work present in the new-generation OS for Mac is carrying the doubled-sized artwork on the display for the clearance and suggests the arrival of new Retina-Display powered MacBook Series and iMacs.

It is reported that Apple is waiting for the Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors with integrated graphics to use inside the upcoming MacBook machines to enrich the MacBook series performance, reportedly the new Ivy Bridge processors are much powerful to produce Retina Display on the Mac machines, and bring the 4 times bigger resolution to the current Mac machine resolution.  However, in the latest testing of the new-generation OS X 10.8 developers found Retina-sized graphic in the couple of Apple’s stock application.


The developers have found out that the new Mountain Lion Messages app is widely running in HiDPI mode on display screens and produces Retina graphics on the display. You can check out the developers provided new comparison image showing the difference between Retina-enabled application and simple application on the screen.  It is reported that users could also be able to test this difference on their Mac machines, once the debuted Air Display application lands in the App Store that allow users to use the new iPad as their external display source, and provides a quick HiDPI resolution image of OS X on the new iPad.

Retina-Enabled image is said to be improving the user’s readability on the screen, as the images come very clearer and sharp instead of blurry.  It is also reported that Apple has enabled the Retina Display artwork as well in the new beta of OS X Lion, and planning to launch the new update of OS X Lion with HiDPI graphics support on new MacBook devices.