Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Group Of French Publications Seeking To Talk With Apple On Digital Content

In iOS 5, Apple has introduced a new way of publishing a digital content by introducing Newsstand feature, which has already start making noise around the globe. A quick and easy way to send out the content to iOS devices without any need of trouble through Apple’s App Store.

Newsstand has already got the publication suites from third party softwares houses that allow publications to seed their news to Apple’s iOS devices through new iOS 5. By adding some fuel into it Reuters reported that a group of publications along with the newspaper are meeting with each other to stand again the Apple’s digital distribution idea, and also against the high commission of 30%.

The report also says that media companies have already start making some headway in resisting Apple’s high demand, Apple is known for its strict ruling in its App Store, they have also kicked out the Financial Times iOS app from the App Store for not standing on their rules, and after getting a ban from Apple’s Store the publication had launched a web app for iOS devices along with all other devices. Apple is the only manufacturer here who was imposing a high demand to the publications for publishing their content on its devices.