Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Google Stop’s Voice Search Due To Google+

Few day’s back the social networking phase got a new entry and that was the “Google+” relevant to the world’s  most used social networking site Facebook. After the release of Google+, we didn’t saw the voice search in the Google’s search bar which was released a month ago. Below there are two screen shots, one before the Google+ and one after it.

The news of disabling the voice search was confirmed by the tweet of  @googlerealtime :

One thing is sure that whenever the Google time search will be enabled, we will be of course be continued with the search result’s of Twitter in the Google’s search and now Google will add the search result from it’s social networking site Google+.


After confirming the big decision of Google they also removed the real time search completely from the server, now claiming the famous “Not Found” error 404.

Source (CNET News)