Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Google Maps May Never Return To iOS 6+ Running Devices (Google Report)

Google Maps On iOS 6

Apple is already receiving a fair share of criticism on the removal of Google Maps from the next-generation iOS 6, and the introduction of its pretty non-stable 3D Maps services on the iOS 6+ running devices. Undoubtedly, the removal of Google services one-by-one from the iOS devices upsets the users, as they first lost built-in YouTube iOS app that was present there in iOS since the very first day.  However, the people are living with Apple’s decision and using the iOS devices with faulty mapping services

Google Maps On iOS 6

Except the 3D Maps on iOS 6, everything is working well. Indeed we have noticed a tremendous rise in the adoption of iOS 6 over the recent iOS updates, and got official words from Apple that more than 100 million devices are now updated to iOS 6 within just matter of 4 days. However, if you are still looking for the Google Maps return on the iOS 6+ running devices as an application, then let me tell you that will be pretty impossible at the moment.


According to the words of Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google is daily having talk sessions with Apple over the addition of Google Maps app in the App Store for the iOS 6 devices, but they are not yet to decide the approval. Schmidt said Google & Apple often talks “at all kind of levels”, and “We have not done anything yet”.  The comment from Schmidt clearly shows that Google is trying to enter in the iOS devices world, but Apple is bit rude and not interested to get them in the iOS.


Google is appearing to be in talks with Apple over the presence of Google Search by default in the iOS Safari web, and said in an event that Google wants them as a partner, but now it is up to them to take their proposal or not for the integration of Google Services into the iOS.