Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Google Launched Voice Search For Desktop

Today Google is Unveiling their new innovations at Instant Search Event at San Francisco. The another best technology revealed today was Speech recognition. With this awesome new Google Voice Search you get the freedom from writing on the tiny screen of your mobile and wasting your time. Speech Recognition has been added into search on desktop for Chrome users. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll start to see a little microphone in every Google search box. Simply click the microphone, and you can speak what you want to search.

It will take several days for Voice Search to be available to everyone. Please note Voice Search is available for US English only.

This new Feature is rolling out slowly for you people on your desktop. Meanwhile check out the video.


This feature was first started on Mobile and now they are making it possible on Desktop. If you want to get this feature on your mobile and see if your mobile is supported or not, Go here and see your self.