Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Gevey Pro Plus is Not by ApplenBerry [Confirmed]

Few weeks back we came across a new SIM which was Gevey Pro Plus claiming that it can Unlock iPhone 4 without dialling 112, which was used by Gevey Pro and Gevey SIM.

Gevey Pro and Gevey SIM were released officially by Applenberry. Gevey Pro Plus is available on, and they claim to be the part of ApplenBerry, where as ApplenBerry’s website doesn’t show any such thing as Gevey Pro Plus.

So I contacted the sales team of Applenberry and they said they said that this was not their product.


Comment: Dear Sir,

I came across this new sim called as Gevey Pro Plus and didn’t saw on your web. Here is the link

So i was wondering if you can take some time and through some light on this product and tell me if it is real and working fine ?


Applenberry to me : That is not our product. Don’t get ripped off if you plan on purchasing it.

Most amazing thing. The color of the cover of the Gevey Pro Plus on has been changed to Red from Yellow.

Old:                                                                                                                                           New:


It is very early to say any thing on it is fake or real.

So don’t get ripped off by going for Gevey Pro Plus.