Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Foxconn Recruiter: iPhone 5 Will Arrive In June Not In Summer

The sixth-generation iPhone rumors are already started targeting the headlines, as the rumor mills go pretty active in the community with their little sneak peak of information over the new iPhone 5. Foxconn was already involved in the hiring of new workers over their factories to ramp up the new iPhone production for the summer launch, but there were no words from the sources about their actual progress on the iPhone 5 production. However, this morning thing appear to be bit change, as the Tokyo’s-TV report comes based on their interview with a Foxconn private recruiter for workers who had interesting things to reveal about the Chinese company plans, and about the iPhone 5.

Foxconn iPhone 5 Production
The report mirrors the earlier report on which we heard that Foxconn is working to hire around 20,000 new workers over their factories to meet up with the massive demands of Apple for the sixth-gen iPhone 5. The company is reportedly still involved in hiring new workers over their factories, and trying to catch the given time by Apple. The private recruiter told media that Foxconn is going to begin the production of iPhone 5 in June, which means that the device will be available shortly. According to them, the next-generation iPhone 5 is coming in June.

The recruiter reported that Foxconn had hired around 18,000 new workers on their factories to start the production of iPhone 5, which matches with the earlier report of Foxconn hiring around 20,000 new workers to begin the iPhone production at a bigger level. We have also heard sometime back from rumor mill that Apple is looking forward to announcing its iPhone 5 on this year’s WWDC 2012 conference, but we are still skeptical regarding the claims, as Apple had recently broken the traditional chain of launching new iPhone model in WWDC, and favors to launch it in summer around the holiday season.