Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Fix Snow Leopard 2012-001 Rosetta Power Pc Application Bug

It appears that this week is not a good week for the Apple to release any further update to its current software, as the Apple had seeded the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 to the Lion users in this week, but the update appeared to be bit buggy and carries the strange error of “CUI CUI” on the Mac OS core settings. It seems that OS X Lion 10.7.3 users are not only in the trouble with the latest update to the operating system, as the folks on Snow Leopard report that the recently released Security Update 2012-001 by Apple breaks the compatibility layer of Rosetta Power PC programs.

As mentioned on Apple’s Support Forum, the issue is faced by the users who have updated their operating system with the latest security update from Apple, and after installing the update, they failed to launch any Rosetta Power PC application on their machine. The incompatibility of Rosetta in the latest Security Update also includes the popular software applications like Quicken, Filemaker 7, Adobe PhotoShop and many other applications.

The issue on the Snow Leopard with the latest Security Update can be solved out in the meantime, until Apple doesn’t announce any new update to its system to cover these bugs on the newer released version of the operating systems. There is RosettaFix is available to solve out this bug easily, as it again replaces the Security Update 2012-001 files with the previous version of the security databases on the Mac OS. However, as we have reported you yesterday, Apple is well known to these issues on the latest versions of the Mac OS and now trying to release the fix soon to sort out all this kind bugs on the Mac OS machines.