Sun. May 9th, 2021

Facebook To Introduce HTML5 Based New UI Of Web Soon

Google has already put Facebook into dark with its awesome new social networking website “Google+” lot of people enjoyed it and mostly professional users already announced on their Facebook accounts that they are moving to the Google+, because its spam less and most attractive than Facebook, and already many reports come from the analysts which suggests this time Google will surely going to rock the social networking platform. But it seems that Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckberg not going to let their company down, they have already introduced many new projects which attracts many users like its reported that they are going to introduced Facebook For iPad app, and also the most attracting feature, which they have recently announced it to integrate the most using VoIP service and best video calling service “Skype” in to their Facebook and will provide in browser video chatting, but it seems that they are quite late this time because Google already introduced such service with their Google Talk platform in Google+

With all of these projects, we have got report from one of source that they are going to compete Google+, with introducing new UI of Facebook which will be based on HTML 5, well these things getting interested here. Google+ is currently limited to some people and already getting lot of heat users going mad about it and paying several bucks to get its invitation. Noted point is, recently it is reported that Facebook is working on some app which based on HTML 5, but our source claims that they are also going to introduce a complete new UI of Facebook Web, which based on HTML 5.