Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Facebook Messenger For Windows Leaked (Download Now)

Facebook Messenger for Windows is the most demanded application among the loyal Facebook users, and currently a very large amount of users are using alternative services which provides them a medium to chat with their Facebook buddies through Windows desktop, without visiting In this year, we received reports that Facebook has finally also start developing the Facebook Messenger for Windows, right after releasing the Facebook Messenger application for the mobile users on wide range operating system.

Facebook Messenger For Windows

The Facebook Messenger for Windows was in testing from a long time among the group of internal Facebook developer testers, but it seems that someone outside from the organization managed to get itself into the group and got the link to download the Facebook Messenger. In short, someone just leaks the CDN download link of Facebook Messenger for Windows to all those users who have been waiting for this piece of code to land on their machine’s desktop.


The Facebook Messenger for Windows is leaked and available to download right now from here, and it carries a really minimal look on the desktop with comments notifications and sidebar ticker look. However, the Facebook Messenger for Windows is in beta, and might has not been tested properly or may requires some more work before the actual public launch. So its must that you might face any error while using the leaked version of the Facebook Messenger.


We are sure that Facebook will soon delete this link from their servers which provides the download of the messenger file to the public, so if you are interested and want to test the Facebook Messenger beta on your Windows PC, quickly download the file from here before they remove from the land.