Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

“End The Rumours.” Get Ready For This Year’s Biggest Smartphone Release Says Vodafone

Vodafone in Australia today posted a teaser on their main page displaying the message:

End The Rumors

What could possibly the Smart Phone coming this year? Android? Windows Phone? Apple iPhone?

If you think that any new version of Android Phone or Windows Phone is coming so you are Wrong. The only Phone is coming this year is iPhone 5 by Apple. The message from Vodafone to end the rumors indicates the release of iPhone 5 because from the beginning, Apple iPhones are always rumored for their specification,design, and much more. No other Phone than Apple is rumored.

Well Vodafone is giving its interested customers the ability to subscribe with them to receive the updated about the upcoming Smart Phone. Once the official information about the Smart Phone becomes available, they will tell their customers about the Smart Phone and all the rumors will end up.

October is just a week away and Apple will be unveiling its next generation iPhone 5 at the press conference which is said to be held on October 4th. The venue for the event is its own Head Quarter. As of today Apple wiped out iTunes Match data, so the release of iOS 5 GM seems to be today.