Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Detect Earthquakes Right From Your iPhone and MacBook – HOW TO

We have already seen that iPhone and other iOS device can perform amazing tasks such as a doing live ECG  and checking your blood pressure, but we never think that we can use them as a basic seismometer to measure the magnitudes of volcanoes and earthquakes, as we know almost all products of Apple contains built-in accelerometer which can measure such activities with the help of some codes and apps.

Well know it is possible to measure the magnitude of earthquake with your iOS device, all you need to do is visit the specific website ( from the Safari browser and other browser that you are using on your device, and simply shake your device gently and the website will capture all the activities and draw a real-time seismograph. The graph is depends on the orientation of your device and on the speed with which you shake your device, you will be amazed by knowing that the device is based on few lines of JavaScript.


This website can only work and produce seismograph, if you open it in Chrome and Mobile Safari browser, because these both browsers supports that file the script needed in analyzing the activities.