Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Demo Of iPhone 4S Feature, Siri (Video)

Siri is one the best and most amazing upcoming feature in iOS 5 for iPhone 4S. This feature was announced back at Apple’s Media event in which it unveiled iPhone 4S. The moment Apple Unveiled iPhone 4S, its shares started to Decline. That was really strange, but true.

After finding out the reason of the decline in AAPL, we found out that Wall Street is not Happy with Apple’s iPhone 4S. The main reason is that Apple didn’t came up with a new design which disappointed many people. The design is not new but the specifications are new in iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S got many new specifications like Camera got upgraded,Speed,Processor and much more things were added to it. But one of the most appealing and attractive feature of which we cannot take our eyes off was Siri. It is one of the best feature in iOS 5 which will be ported to iPhone 4S only. If you remember using Voice Control in your iPhone 4 and 3GS, which was first introduced in iOS 4 and on iPhone 3GS. Voice control let you tell it that what you want to do in a sense like call some one, play a song, or so.

So Siri is the most Advanced form of that Voice Control. It simply allows you to dictate the iPhone, the thing which you want to do. Like you need to call some one, Text some one, Add a reminder, Want to know the Weather, Want it to read you the Text message. So Siri in short works like a personal assistant for you.

It will be more clear after you see the video below:


Yes..The video says it all.