Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Cydia Now Saving iOS4.3b1 SHSH For Your iDevice

Hey folks we just came to know that Cydia is now saving SHSH Blobs for iOS4.3b1. If you dont know why it is saving so, it will be helpful for you to be Untethered on iOS4.2.1 and iOS4.3 in near future. As we told before that Redsn0w will require iOS4.2b3 SHSH to stay Untetehred on iOS4.2.1. But few people didn’t knew about it so they are not able to do Untethered Jailbreak on iOS4.2.1.

So if you dont know how to save your SHSH Blobs so you follow the complete guide here on how to save them and you also save them directly to their iDevices.

Save them now before it is too late. Don’t forget about the Backup Plan which was used by Dev-Team to stay untethered on iOS4.2.1.