Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

Crack Apple’s FairPlay DRM From iBooks With Requiem

It is reported that a group of developers has just bypassed the Apple’s used DRM technology in the iBook Store that prevents the iBooks to be opened in the third party devices, and the DRM restriction could be easily removed by the latest free version of the DRM restriction removal by the team of developers. Apple has been protecting the content of iBooks by signing it with their owned DRM technology that prevents the content to be opened on other devices, and therefore, users could not be able to launch any of the iBook or other stuff on any other device. However, now, with the Requiem 3.3 users can easily remove the DRM restriction from the iBooks, and can access their purchased data on other device Requiem is already famous among the users for removing the DRM restrictions from music and videos purchased from the iTunes Store, but now with the latest update users can also remove DRM from iBooks.


The group of developers behind the Requiem tool has claimed that new version of the tool can remove DRM technology called “FairPlay” from iBooks – a DRM technology that Apple uses on the stuff to protect it from stolen and played on other vendor devices than Apple’s iOS devices. Apple has been using the FairPlay DRM technology to protect the stuff it sells, and highly prevents it from being played or used for other party devices. According to the Requiem team, the new tool allows you to easily crack the e-books that you have purchased from the iBookStore, and allow the content to be played on third party devices and e-readers.

Requiem 3.3 would be really useful for you, if you have built up a huge library of books using the iBookStore, and while purchasing you have not heard about such a restriction on the content, and now you the books were useless without iOS device, because Apple has protected the date with DRM. However, now you can easily remove the restriction, and access the content on any other device like Amazon Kindle