Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Comex Has iPad 2 Jailbreak, Published A Photo Of Jailbreaked iPad 2 (Proof) [UpdateX1]

It seems that iPad 2 jailbreak will float on the ground nearly in future, last some days was full of iPad 2 jailbreak news, first we got words from Chronic Dev Team that they will release iPad 2 Jailbreak soon in next 3 weeks and also updates it GreenPois0n tool to do jailbreak on iOS 4.3.3. But they are not only one who are in the race of developing iPad 2 jailbreak, i0n1c aka Stefan Esser has already showed the possibility that he and his team will release iPad 2 Jailbreak, but not for free. Means you have to pay for the jailbreak. But now today, Comex the genius hacker totally changed the scene and published a picture of iPad 2, which was jailbroken.  Have a look at the picture he published today:

If you look the picture at maximum resolution, you can see the icon of Cydia near to the icon settings. Comex has didn’t release any further detail about his achievement. He also said that he is back in the jailbreaking scene to work more motivated than before. Well, the mystery is still un cleared, who will going to release the iPad 2 jailbreak? In all of this, we also discovered who leaked the SHatter exploit which was saved by Dev teams to use it for iPad 2 Jailbreak.


According to ih8sn0w Comex had already Jailbroken his iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 using Apple code. Due to misinterpretation of his picture and all the rumors about the iPad 2 jailbreak it was thaught that he might be on to some Jailbreak. But according to the picture it seems that he has Broken his iPad 2 Glass, Not Jailbroken it.

If you can see the Appstore side it is broken. He might have to convey that message.