Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

How to Check if iPhone is Blocked or Locked

Some iPhone users who get their smartphones from third-party networks or find lost devices [and in some other situations] find out their gadget is either blocked or locked. It can be also both a locked iPhone and a blocked iPhone.

What is the main difference between a blocked and locked smartphone? Users whose handset is locked are able to use it on a particular network only, the one it is locked to. They are not able to insert any SIM cards from other carriers. Users whose iPhone is blocked are not able to make phones and exchange data in a particular geographic area. More details are coming below.


Locked iPhone Detailsiphone_blacklist_black

A lot of Apple smartphones are blocked to a specific mobile provider and are offered on plans. Customers who purchase such an iPhone have to use one carrier till they decide to unlock iPhone.

Unlocking brings a lot of benefits. It gives users an opportunity to easily switch between carriers, use their handset overseas and save money on roaming charges. How can you unlock a locked iPhone? IMEI unlock service is a distant unlocking method that can free you from being locked to the one network once and forever. You need to provide your IMEI code and pay for the service to get permanent solution that doesn’t void Apple warranty and allows you updating iOS and basebands as much as you want.

Blocked iPhone Details

Users who have a blocked gadgets hear the same recording “This phone has been blocked by AT&T / Verizon network” each time they are trying to make a phone call. In this case it is highly recommended to use iPhone blacklisted checker to find out if your device is blacklisted or just locked.

It might even happen that you can send SMS and access data once in a while though such service is pretty inconsistent and not reliable at all. Carrier can block iPhone if it is reported as lost / stolen or its owner doesn’t pay bills.

How can you unlock iPhone? Original owners should simply call up their carrier and explain that they have found their device or are eager to pay all bills. Users who purchased a blocked device from third-party sellers can’t unblock it. They can still find out everything about the gadget by its IMEI code and call the original carrier to figure out if there is anything that can help them unblock the iPhone.