Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Bulletin Adds Notification Center To Lock Screen – IntelliScreenX Alternative

Ever since the Apple has rolled out the new iOS 5.0 later last year before the iPhone 4S launch, the iOS 5 notification center was the biggest and great implementation in the iOS platform, which allow users to quickly give a look at their notifications with a single finger drop down. However, the iOS 5 notification center appears to be the most interesting place for the jailbreak developers, and many developers have released coupled of different tweaks and applications targeting the iOS 5 Notification Center. Well, the iOS 5 notification center integration comes up with a little restriction not to be popped up on the device screen while in the lock status.

The limit is good at one’s view as it provides some decent security to the iOS 5 users, but still there is large room of users who want the iOS 5 notification center on lock screen revealing all their notification details to anyone who have only a physical access to your device not virtually. To bring iOS 5 Notifications on the lock screen there was a only method is “IntelliScreenX” jailbreak tweak.  The tweak costs $10 in Cydia Store, but it appears to be a bit costly thing for the users. Here comes the new tweak named “Bulletin” that is said to be the amazing and best tweak for the iOS 5 users, and provides all the same features to IntelliScreenX within a cool price tag.

Bulletin is another tool landed in the Cydia Store, to bring the iOS 5 Notification Center on the lock screen, and as well as provides you tools to customize the look of iOS 5 Notification Center within a single tweak. It means it’s a bundle kind of tweak which carries different tools to enhance the iOS 5 interface. Bulletin is works flawlessly on all the devices without messing with any other tweak and application on your device. Bulletin is available in Cydia Store for $0.99, which appears to be a good price tag for such a kind of tweak.