Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Brief Me: A New Way To Look On Social Networks And News Feed (iOS Application)

So how many of you already in the search for a good application which bring all of the latest news from their wished sources along with the fun of Social networking? Well being a tech blogger, I always in the search to find out a new application which allow me to get stick in Social networking while keeping an eye on the technology world. So far, I have found couple of applications which help me in sorting out all of the content, while searching on the App Store. I have found a new app which aims to bring me all of the content at one place, Brief me, an intersting iPhone application that allows you to read the content and provides you the content with an amazing interface, with which you can comfortabilty keeps an eye on the different content. The application allows you to keep in touch with Social Networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, along with their own defined sources they allow you to select yours on the base of URL or RSS address.

Brief me, also allows you to sync all of the data from Google Reader to into the app, and give you time to time updates as RSS readers provide. The app also allows you to search the specific content on twitter, such as for any hashtag e.g(#FreaKGeeKs or @FreaKGeeKs), also allows you to drop a comment on the Facebook shared posts, and offers you to share the content on social networks or provides you the ability to mail the content to your friend. Brief Me is available in the App Store, to download for iPhone and iPod Touch,  the app is available for free. You can also run the app on iPad but with less resources.