Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Best Buy Dreams a 42-inch Apple HDTV for $1499

This morning an interesting tidbit came across on our table suggesting the most interesting dream of Best Buy and other big retailers in the market about the Apple’s rumored and on-going Apple HDTV, which is said to be the revolutionary product and comes up with Siri like personal assistant, and other iOS special features in it to entertain users at another step. However, the Apple HDTV is still unknown to the most of people in the tech world, and everyone is betting his/her reputation on predication of the arrival of such as device in the market.

We come across to the announcement of Best Buy on which the company has stated about the Apple’s HDTV as “42-inch” display carrying device at $1499. The list is appeared as a simple concept of the big retailer and show what they are thinking about the Apple’s HDTV, and how they going to treat in their retail stores.  It appears to be just a start of Apple HDTV planning; soon we will come to know more facts about the device from different big retailers around the nation.


Be one of the first to get the all new 42″ Apple HDTV at Best Buy for $1499. Apple finally reinvents what a TV can do:

– 42″ 1080p LED flat panel display
– Incorporates Apple’s operating system (iOS) found in its current Apple TV set top box which allows you to purchase and stream movies and other entertainment from the Internet
– Download and use apps from the App Store. Can you imagine playing Angry Birds on a big screen in your living room?
– Supports Apple’s new iCloud service for storing your movies, TV shows, and music content that you’ve purchased from iTunes and beam them to your Apple HDTV.
– Use your iPad or iPhone as a remote control, and do everything from controlling your TV, to purchasing new shows and swapping content between your Apple devices and the iCloud service.
– Built-in convenience with built in iSight camera and microphone for Skype.
– In addition to iTunes, stream content from popular sites such as Netflix, YouTube, and flickr.
– Available for $1499

Another interesting story in this listing was the big retailer has not mentioned the Siri or something like that in their promotional text to the customers. Apple HDTV has been occasionally rumored to be carrying the Siri personal assistant, as the service is said to be the main part feature of the upcoming device and will change the way we interact with TV’s The Siri rumor was started when the Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs first biography launched back in 2011.

As we have said before, it is just a simple concept of their believes, we can’t stay with their claims and layer of rumor to their customers, but from this we could be now able to guess the price of the next revolutionary product.