Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple’s WWDC 2013 Conference Kick Starts: What’s In Store This Time

The World of geeks and gizmo lovers always await one of the most happening events in the computing world and that is Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) organized by Apple Inc. every year.  This year the WWDC is scheduled from June 10 – 14 at San Francisco.

The popularity of this event is accounted by the introduction (if not formally then an insight!) into what’s on the cards from this i-Rated corporate.wwdc_13


A look at History

Apple’s WWDC events always hold the key for the real innovation from the brand. If we take a look at some of the previous events then in year 2011 came up with the new OS X 10.7 taking on the audiences with a surprise. Also accompanying it was iOS 5 and finalizing the event was the introduction of iCloud.

Then a little closer past in WWDC 2012, Apple launched iOS 6 and the event was primarily the new OS only. However the new notebook range from Apple was also the talk of the event.

WWDC 2013

Now the WWDC 2013 has commenced and speculations are high on what can be on store this time. Keeping by the speculations, guesses by experts and wishes of the users we bring to you what can be the outcome of the 2013 conference.

What to Expect from WWDC 2013?

The iOS 7

What the rumors winding up about the WWDC 2013 is the introduction of the new iOS 7. It is being said that the new operating system will have high degree of changes in the Mail and Calendar. Also there are reporting of some leaked images of what Apple’s new iOS will look like but there are no grounds to assure the looks of the new OS.

May be these rumors have no ground but one thing that definitely will be at the conference is the preview of iOS 7. There can be changes in the look and feel along with better features. Major of these can include improved Siri, more integration services, improved Notification Center and lock screen. Also we can witness file-sharing via the new AirDrop feature.

Preview of new OS X 10.9

According to the official statements from the Mac professionals the introduction of OS X 10.9 was kept aside to make sure that there is no delay in iOS 7’s market preview. In the new desktop OS from Apple we can see improved interfaces and some integration for the iOS. Users will love to see if Apple comes up with iBooks, Maps, Newsstand and Siri for the desktop OS X. if we go by the reporting then there have been substantial proofs that regard the testing of Siri and Maps for the OS X 10.9 launch.  One of the SKU report also comments that the new OS X 10.9 is going to be offered to developers at the conference itself. Also there are speculations about the new OS X to be multitasking bringing it closer to iOS.wwdc_1_13



What will be absent at WWDC 2013?

There have been many rumors regarding the introduction of the new products from the Apple this season.  However as the folklores always hold everything cannot be true. So what will not be there is:

  •   The ultimate Apple OS merged version
  •   Mystical iTV
  •   Apple’s iWatch

However there are some wishes from the fans of i-embedded gadgets. There’s a long wish list what all new users will like to see at the WWDC 2013 conference.

Wish List:

  •   iRadio
  •   iLife ’13
  •   iWork ’13
  •   Apple TV SDK
  •   Mac Pro’ 13

So if you are a fan of the iOS and OS X and there is much good news in store for you in the coming four days. Buckle up as the WWDC 2013 unveils fold by fold!