Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Would Be Able To Buy Whole Mobile Industry

Last week have shared a report about the value of Apple, which was the mouth dropping sharing and now today we have got similar news which also shocks you, according to the report of market research firm Ayscmo, Apple could purchase the whole phone industry in cash, if they want. This report claims that Apple is able to buy Nokia, HTC, RIM, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson in cash with the $70 billion available funds. As we know, Apple shares growing rapidly where other companies facing declines in profits.

  • Apple – $70 billion
  • Samsung – $53 billion
  • HTC – $25.4 billion
  • Nokia – $22.6 billion
  • RIM – $13.8 billion
  • LG – $10 billion
  • Motorola Mobility – $4.2 billion
  • Sony Ericsson – $3.0 billion

Except Samsung the company valued at $53 billion, Apple is able to purchase the entire phone making industry, as we have seen in current days; Apple is currently attacks on Samsung upcoming series of smartphones with its lawsuits. An analyst believes that the day will soon come when Apple would able to buy the whole market including Samsung.