Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Apple Working ‘Secretly’ To Port Mac OS X To ARM Based Devices

Despite the fact of coloring Mac OS X Lion with the iOS flavor, Apple has denied at least in a statement that they are not thinking to port the Mac OS X operating system on ARM-powered devices, but now according to the report the company has just started the work once again by hiring a couple of geeks on a single project of porting Mac OS X operating system on the ARM-based devices. The new report comes from an intern who worked with Apple’s Platform Technologies Group for four months back in 2010, and find out itself under a project of porting Mac OS X to ARM based mobile devices.

Tristan Schaap, an intern who claimed to be worked with Apple’s Platform Technologies in 2010 wrote a short story after leaving Apple in 2010, but he was not allowed to publish the story until August 16 2011 to protect the privacy of secret projects going on under Apple’s Platform Technologies. We believe it is not a single project, there might be coupled of others too that are currently under the process targeting the support of Mac OS with ARM based chips. However, after the mentioned date, now he could publish his thesis anywhere without any law concern. He posted his thesis online and is now available to anyone for a read.

According to him, Apple had been working on a project to port Mac OS X operating system to the ARM based mobile devices, which means they were trying to port Mac OS X on iPad like product. In addition to this discovery, iMore highlights few interesting points regarding the Schaap’s report:

iMore points to this particular section of Schaap’s report:

The goal of this project is to get Darwin into a workable state on the MV88F6281 processor so that other teams can continue their work on this platform. The project has three major milestones:

  1. Getting the buildsystem into shape, so that it can build the kernel and kexts.
  2. Building and booting the kernel into single user mode.
  3. Booting the system into multi-user mode.

iMore folks explain that this project was started since the Apple has not shipped the new MacBook Airs and a new iPad; and neither of these devices shows any sign of porting Mac OS to the ARM based processor. It’s unclear whether the project is still alive in the Apple’s Cupertino campus or been dropped by the folks related to the project. However, Schaap is a now a full-time employee at Apple and working in the company as a CoreOS engineer.