Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple To Wipe Out iTunes Match Libraries Again On October 27th

It appears that Apple has sent email notifications to the developers who sign up for the Apple’s new iTunes Match service. The email contains a letter from the Apple that they will wipe out the all iTunes Match music data from iCloud on Thursday, October 27th. Apple has sent out the emails to all developers to inform them about the reset of iTunes Match and instructs the developers to turn off the iTunes Match from all of their devices, including, iOS devices and their computer machines.
iTunes Match Wipe Out The user data wipe was also performed back at the launch time of iOS 5, when the service was actually scheduled to launch for the general public but at last time Apple changed the decision and pushed “iTunes Match” launch to the “End of October.” It seems that now Apple is preparing for the iTunes Match launch and therefore, they have announced that they will wipe out all the data on October 27th. Apple has been testing this service from a quite long time between the specific amount of developers who earlier got access on the service through the new iTunes 10.5.1.

It is also expected that Apple may release a new update of iTunes 10.5.1 in the few upcoming days ahead of the iTunes Match launch, because they have disabled the iTunes Match section from the iTunes 10.5 public versions and pushed it to the iTunes 10.5.1. We have seen the couple of evidence regarding the launch of iTunes Match, as we have reported earlier this month that Apple has enabled the iTunes Match toggle in the Settings.app of iOS 5, it appears that they are on the corner with the launch of the new service.