Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Apple To Ship MacBook Pros Like MacBook Air This Spring

Since the Apple has pushed a redesigned version of the New MacBook Air back in late 2010, the rumor generating sources start reporting that Apple will also modes its MacBook Pro line into the slim and quicker flavor like MacBook Air have. Apple is rumored couple of times to bring MacBook Air like design on the MacBook line of laptops, and to ditch its all bullies chassis, optical drives, and slower hard drives for the Macbook Air like slimness and faster SSDs. However, the question is, when are they going to do all these things with MacBook Pro line?

It appears that after a year or two of new redesigned MacBook Airs, Apple is now finally able to bring some technology in its hands, which may allow them to bring MacBook Air flavor on the MacBook Pro line without effecting its performance and overall durability. It seems that it might finally be happening in 2012 this year, as the new report suggests that Apple is planning to redesign the MacBook Pro complete line from scrap to top in a MacBook Air like design. In addition to the overall design of the upcoming rumored MacBook Pros, it is reported that Apple will use ultra-thin unibody for the newer MacBook Pros, and may exclude all those old traditional components of the MacBook Pro to make it lighter and slimmer.
AppleInsider on this report says that new MacBook Pros in 2012 going to feature the next-generation chip from Intel, the Ivy Bridge processors and will ditch the optical disk drives, and traditional hard drives to bring a room for other devices to get in like slimmer batteries, and solid-state memory chips, and much more. According to the report, the newer MacBook Pros, if they have ever gone to bring MacBook Air style will rely more on instant-capabilities, and digital distribution of software and media.

We already know well that Apple is working hard to exclude the optical drives from the machines, and therefore, they have totally skipped the disc launch of their next-generation operating system launch in the mid of last year, and gone to launch it on their Mac App Store to prevent the piracy and provide extra security. At the moment, there is no solid evidence that suggests this happening in real, so take it is just as a daily life rumor.