Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Apple To Release Thinner MacBook Pros In Earlier April [RUMOR]

While following up to a 14-inch MacBook Air arrival news, the DigiTimes once again come back with a new quick source report that Apple is also expected to launch a new designed MacBook Pros in the month of April, and the new design appears to be the slightly thinner than the older one. The rumor reports weighs on earlier rumors that suggest that Apple is working to merge the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air into one Macbook series.  DigiTimes while reporting about the launch of the new thinner MacBook Pros appeared to be a little sketchy with their timings, as on the start they said the newer devices will land in market as soon as April, and then later in other mentioning they pointed the arrival as to be expected to launch in the market in April.


The rumor report also suggests a significant delay in some redesigned models of MacBook Pros, the report claims that newer design will be firstly landed in the market with 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch model, but there are no words on the launch or redesigned Macbook Pro 17-inch. In the past, we have also noted that the newer redesigned models of larger Macbook Pro always come a bit later than others, so it appeared to be a normal delay in the bigger MacBook Pro redesign model.


On the other hand, the source also points to a massive delay in the Intel’s new Ivy Bridge Chips, and stated that Apple for surely going to take the time advantage and pour its new MacBook Pro models with next-generation low power consumption processor, and with such GPU that can throw 4x display to the current resolution of the MacBook Pros. The report also says that the newer device may be delayed until June and that’s will happen due to Intel’s delay in the shipment of Ivy Bridge Processors.