Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Apple To Introduce New Mac OS Lion 10.7 Via Mac App Store

As we told you before that Apple has launched MAC OS X Lion and it is following the interface of iOS. First the developer reviews were being released but at last we have seen that Apple is going to release the all new MAC OS X Lion not Leopard. The main thing which shocks is that the MAC users can upgrade to Lion from Leopard without any DVD/CD. Apple Insider claim that the sources say that the MAC OS X Lion will be coming in MAC App Store and the picture below proofs that the Beta’s are being downloaded

The Mac App Store, available to all users running the most recent version of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, will become the de facto method for obtaining the Lion upgrade, people familiar with the matter have revealed. Users will be able to upgrade instantly without the need for physical media by purchasing Lion through the Mac App Store.

One thing is sure in future there will be no DVD/CD, only remote update 😉 It also gives a sign of removing DVD/CD reader from MacBook’s and making MacBook Pro look like MacBook Air !! Big Question !! How will we do Hacktivation ?? 😛

For more information about MAC OS X Lion, go here and this is also said that the MAC OS X Lion will be given to WWDC next month.