Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Apple Store Was Provided With Special Security While London Was Burning

Just few days back we told you about how the BlackBerry services got blocked in U.K and how the BlackBerry official got hacked. This all was done because London was attacked by Riots and it is still being under Riots attack. In these Riots attacks where London was on fire, guess what? Apple Stores were provided with extra security.

Previously Sony’s ware house on 20,000 Square feet was burnt down in to ashes and at that time London police was with the shields trying to control the riots. Gratefully Apple’s ionic glass-fronted was protected by the police and no harm could be done. Some reports suggest that Apple Store was granted a Special permission for the extra security.

The question arises that Was Apple really granted a special permission to get extra security or the police vans parked out side the Apple Store makes some rumor to down the reputation of Apple.

It seems that Apple Store which is made of Glass allows easy access to looters to take away the iDevices easily.

so what are your thoughts about it?