Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Apple Store On Fifth Avenue Evacuated After Earth Quake In New York City (Photo)

If you missed the news today that a 5.8 magnitude Earth Quake took place in Virginia  and the shocks went through out to nation’s capital to New York City and New England. Every building was quickly evacuated after the quake and tremors felt. Like this Apple Store located on Fifth Avenue in New York City was also evacuated.

Above is the picture posted by 9to5mac of an Apple Store which was evacuated after the Earth Quake. As you can see the employees and customers of the Apple Store standing out side of the Apple Store waiting for the clearance to get back in the Apple Store.

As Apple has implemented early Earth Quake Notification in iOS 5 for Japan, so we hope Apple also implements the same thing for other countries as well, so they can be safe also.

We hope that the people in New York are safe from any Damage if caused by Earth Quake.