Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Apple Sold Out iPhone 4S Pre-Orders All Across U.S. Carriers

Once again iPhone 4S makes it way to the news headline, according to the new report by Businessweek. Apple has completely sold out the iPhone 4S around all U.S. carriers , AT&T, Verizon and Sprint has all fueled up their sales of iPhone 4S. Apple is all set to launch the device tomorrow in the morning, and if you have missed the pre-order chance, go and get the iPhone 4S device from your local Apple Store by standing its famous long lines of the folks.

While you can still get hands on the device through the AT&T but the delivery of the device is pushed back to 3 to 4 weeks, means you have lost the chance to get the device on the launch date. Shipping should be similar for Verizon and Sprint too, but they aren’t providing a time frame on their website. Apple had also announced earlier this week that they have sold more than 1 Million iPhone 4S within first 24 hours of the device.



There are still many ways to gets hands on the device on the launch day (tomorrow), as we have reported you that Sam’s club is also reserving the devices so if you want to get one for your self you can go through their website and check out your luck by entering your request to their system. iPhone 4S has already start making its way to the customers home, some early deliveries also made by few companies, such as Verizon also ships the iPhone 4S yesterday early in the morning.