Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Apple Secured Two New Suppliers Of DRAM and NAND Chips, Leave Samsung Alone

As we all know, Apple and Samsung is fighting with each other from a long time on the infringements of product designs and patents, Samsung seems to be losing its grip on the market contracts and also the some biggest contracts of the company.


Apple is reportedly working on to make a distance from Korean tech giant and already start searching around the market for new iOS devices components providers, as the financial report of Samsung suggests that Apple’s order had boost the revenue from the last year. But now it seems that Apple is now want some fresh air, and wants to make its self more independent to sue Samsung properly in the court.

Since the start of the year, Apple is reported to move its mobile development flagship from Samsung to some other tech giants available in the market, and last week its confirmed by the sources that Apple has inked an agreement with Taiwan Manufactures for the future developments of A6 and A7 processors for its iOS devices. Digitimes comes up with some interesting news and claims that Apple has also move its mobile memory chips orders from Samsung and leave them alone in the dark. Digitimes reported that Apple has inked a deal with two new suppliers for its DRAM and NAND flash chips, Apple has deal with Toshiba and Elpida Memory to provide the chips for its iOS devices, while Toshiba is set to provide NAND flash drives and Elpida will supply mobile RAM.